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Frequently Asked Questions

Transforming experiences through innovative technology and personalized services in healthcare and hospitality.

What industries does Excellence 24/7 serve?

Excellence 24/7 specializes in serving the healthcare and hospitality sectors. Our surveys and services are designed to cater to the unique needs of these industries and more.

How can I contact Excellence 24/7 for support?

For any assistance, you can reach our support team via email at

What is Excellence 24/7's mission?

Our mission is to improve the guest experience, one guest at a time. We achieve this by fostering a seamless and interactive connection between our clients and their guests, enhancing every aspect of the guest experience.

What technology does Excellence 24/7 use?

Our processes are powered by Key Survey, a leader in data collection and analysis. This technology enables us to provide personalized guest experiences tailored to the unique needs and wants of each guest.

How does Excellence 24/7 assist healthcare clients?

We actively engage healthcare clients by facilitating open channels of communication with patients. This begins prior to the patient’s appointment, continues through the appointment, and extends indefinitely post-appointment.