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Improving the healthcare experience, one patient at a time.

What We Do

Excellence 24/7 assists their healthcare clients to become actively engaged with the patients they serve by facilitating an open channel of communication beginning prior to the patient’s appointment, continuing through the appointment and indefinitely post appointment. 

How We Do It

Enabling Excellence Through Patient-Centric Communication

The comprehensive Excellence 24/7 Patient Outreach process enables seamless communication between the patient and the client organization; pre, during and post treatment.   The process is initiated through a single communication link supported by strategically timed reminders supplied via e-mail to the patient and supported by SMS. Utilizing their smartphone, or any computer with connectivity, patients through this link:
  • Confirm, reschedule or cancel their appointment 
  • Communicate to the client organization in advance of appointment any
    special needs they may have and/or ask questions regarding the upcoming appointment. 
  • Share observations or comments with the client organization about their
    experience during their visit to the facility. 
  • Share feedback about their experience at the facility following completion of treatment. 
  • Remain in contact with the healthcare provider regarding any post treatment questions that may arise. 
Upon patient submission of the above, a set of predefined criteria is utilized to immediately notify the appropriate party or parties within the client organization of the patient submittal.  All data, as submitted by the patient, are transmitted electronically to the applicable client’s staff member in a format designed to enable them to take appropriate and immediate follow up actions, communicate with the patient and report/document the same.  The staff member’s submission of actions taken is incorporated into summary report which includes: 
  • Time of patient submittal 
  • Patient specific information 
  • Department involved within client organization 
  • Patient input 
  • Time of staff member’s response 
  • Staff member name 
  • Status of issue (Fully Resolved, Partially Resolved, Open) 
  • Specific actions taken and or follow up actions required by others 

Easy to access and use on-line summary reports enable administration to effortlessly review patient feedback in conjunction with the organization’s response, real-time, 24/7. 

The Excellence 24/7 Patient Outreach process is fully customizable and is tailored to meet the specific needs of each of their clients. 

In addition to the correspondence delivered to each scheduled patient; QR methodology is utilized facility wide to provide every individual with a voice. Family members, unscheduled patients and volunteers, just to name a few, have the ability to communicate directly with a member of the client management team at all times. 

Engaged Team Members are crucial to a healthy, positive and strong organization. Part of the Excellence 24/7 process is a complimentary Employee Engagement QR Code that provides 24/7 access to all employees; their voice is often not represented and the team at Excellence 24/7 feels their perspective is crucial to the success of any patient satisfaction program. 

Team member expectations, clarification and feedback are the keys to helping employees stay engaged and to keeping them involved and committed. They contribute to good working environments where people are productive, ethical and accountable.  

In addition to the “Your Opinion Matters” QR Code, Excellence 24/7 reaches out to the staff members of the client organization on a regular basis to solicit their feedback. Their insight and observations benefit not only the process, but the organization. 

Use Cases

Seamless Communication and Swift Action Framework

Following patient submissions, predefined criteria trigger immediate notifications to the relevant parties within the client organization. Patient data is swiftly transmitted to the assigned staff electronically, empowering them to take prompt actions, communicate effectively, and document the process. The staff’s actions are seamlessly integrated into a comprehensive summary report, providing valuable insights for continuous improvement.


Capture the exact moment of patient submission.


Gather specific patient information for targeted follow-up.


Identify the client organization’s department involved.


Collect valuable patient input for enhanced communication.

Response Time:

Track the time it takes for staff members to respond.

Staff ID:

Associate actions with the responsible staff member.


Classify the issue status – Fully Resolved, Partially Resolved, Open.


Document specific actions and any required follow-up steps.

Holistic Engagement Approach

Excellence 24/7 employs easy-to-use online summary reports, allowing administration to effortlessly review patient feedback alongside organizational responses in real-time, 24/7. The fully customizable Patient Outreach process is tailored to meet individual client needs. Utilizing QR methodology, every individual, including family members, unscheduled patients, and volunteers, can directly communicate with the client management team. Recognizing the importance of engaged team members, a complimentary Employee Engagement QR Code provides constant access, ensuring their perspectives contribute to the success of patient satisfaction programs. Regular outreach to staff members solicits valuable insights, fostering a positive and accountable work environment, benefitting both the process and the organization.

Swift Issue Resolution

Tactical benefits of the Excellence 24/7 Patient Outreach process include the immediate rectification of patient issues as they arise: enabling real time service recovery.

Insightful Organizational Enhancement

Strategic benefits of the Excellence 24/7 Patient Outreach process include identification of existing issues that may be negatively impacting the overall organizational performance and as well, provide administration with a clear understanding of how and when staff members respond to patient generated concerns or questions.

Instant Staff Recognition

Staff benefits of the Excellence 24/7 Patient Outreach process is immediate appreciation for outstanding service. Team members are rewarded at a time when they remember the patient and the incident, thereby reinforcing positive behavior. Instant recognition is a great motivator for both performance and retention. 

For a more in-depth look at the Excellence 24/7 Patient Outreach Process please click the link below.

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