Excellence 24/7

Improving the guest experience, one guest at a time.

Excellence 24/7 offers a revolutionary approach to the hospitality industry by fostering a seamless and interactive connection between their clients and their clients’ guests. The approach is tailored to enhance every aspect of the guest experience, from the moment of booking to post-departure, ensuring a memorable and personalized stay.

How We Do It

Crafting Memorable Experiences

At Excellence 24/7, we achieve our mission through three key strategies. Firstly, our state-of-the-art technology, powered by Key Survey, tailors personalized guest experiences to meet unique needs. Secondly, our focus on real-time feedback across hotel, spa, banquet, and restaurant services ensures instant knowledge delivery. Lastly, the seamless integration of operational and experience data drives comprehensive improvements, guaranteeing an exceptional and continuously evolving guest journey.


State of the Art Technology:

The processes are powered by Key Survey, a leader in data collection and analysis. This technology is used to provide personalized guest experiences, tailored to the unique needs and wants of each guest.


Real-Time Feedback:

The focus is on delivering knowledge instantly, across hotel, spa, banquet, restaurant and private clubs. The tools provided are universally applicable.


Combining Operational and Experience Data:

The emphasis is on collecting ‘X-data’ (experience data), which, along with operational metrics (‘O-data’), helps in driving comprehensive improvements across operations.

Services Offered

What We Offer

At Excellence 24/7, our comprehensive suite of services spans across various facets of hospitality. From guest pre-arrival and in-house experiences to post-departure interactions, we cover it all. Our specialized services include spa pre and post-appointments, restaurant feedback, banquet and event management, QR code integration for instant feedback, private club management, employee engagement, 360-degree feedback, and organizational culture assessment. Each service is meticulously designed to elevate your hospitality standards and ensure guest satisfaction at every touchpoint.

Guest Services

Seamless, Start to Finish


Tailored Wellness Experiences


Instant Feedback Solutions


Pre to Post Excellence

QR Codes

Quick Feedback Tools

Private Clubs

Premium Member Satisfaction

Employee Engagement

Fostering Excellence

360° Feedback

Holistic Improvement Insights

Culture Assessment

Shaping Positive Environments

Hospitality Specific Applications:

Hotel Pre-Arrival:

Proactive guest engagement before arrival to understand special requests and needs.

Hotel During Stay:

Providing the guest instant access to hotel leadership during their stay allows them to share any concerns while still in-house. This in turn provides the hotel an opportunity to initiate immediate service recovery steps.

Hotel Post Departure:

Excellence 24/7 encourages post-departure feedback, identifying hotel “Star Performers” for swift recognition and repeat excellence.

Spa Appointments:

Pre and post-appointment engagement to understand customer needs and feedback.

Restaurant Feedback:

Use of tablet devices and QR codes for instant feedback both during and post-dining.

Banquet and Event Management:

Pre-event outreach and post-event evaluations for event organizers and event attendees.

QR Code Integration:

Used for instant guest and client feedback in environments where email addresses may not be available.

Private Clubs:

Focus on annual member satisfaction surveys, service evaluations, and other offerings.

Elevate Your Hospitality Experience with Excellence 24/7

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