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Excellence 24/7 360 Degree Feedback

The 360 Degree Feedback system from Excellence 24/7 is a process where employees receive confidential, anonymous feedback from their colleagues, including managers, peers, and direct reports. It involves using an online form with questions that cover various workplace competencies, rated on a scale and accompanied by written comments. The feedback recipient also completes a self-rating survey. This system helps in understanding strengths and weaknesses, facilitating personal and professional development. It’s useful for managers and non-managers alike, aiding in role effectiveness and potential management career progression.

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Excellence 24/7 offers a range of strategies to boost employee engagement and improve organizational culture. Their services include a comprehensive engagement approach, an Organizational Culture Assessment, and a “Your Opinion Matters” process with a 24/7 Employee Engagement QR Code. These tools aim to align employee goals with company values, enhance teamwork, and facilitate immediate feedback, fostering a collaborative, supportive, and productive workplace culture. integration for instant feedback, private club management, employee engagement, 360-degree feedback, and organizational culture assessment. Each service is meticulously designed to elevate your hospitality standards and ensure guest satisfaction at every touchpoint.

Employee Engagement

To enhance employee engagement, Excellence 24/7 recommends a comprehensive approach including a top-down commitment to creating an engaging culture, defining a clear purpose for engagement, understanding key engagement principles, and the ability to measure engagement levels continuously. 

Engaged employees are present, focused, energized, and contribute beyond expectations due to feeling part of a larger purpose. Establishing purpose is crucial for an engaged organization and culture. 


Organizational Culture

The Excellence 24/7 Organizational Culture Assessment offers a unique approach to understanding and improving your company’s culture. It provides insights from three critical perspectives: individual, team, and organizational levels. This assessment helps align employees’ goals and purposes with the organization’s values, examines team dynamics, and evaluates employees’ perception of the overall culture. These insights form the basis for immediate and long-term strategies to transform your culture into one that is collaborative, supportive, participative, and productive. 

Your Opinion Matters

Excellence 24/7 offers a unique “Your Opinion Matters” process, emphasizing the importance of engaged team members in a strong organization. This complimentary service includes an Employee Engagement QR Code, providing employees 24/7 access to leadership, facilitating clear expectations, honest feedback, and maintaining employee engagement. 

The service is available even to non-clients at no charge.


QR Code

Excellence 24/7 highlights the utility of QR (Quick Response) Codes for instant feedback, especially in environments where guest or customer email addresses aren’t readily available. QR Codes are efficient for gathering input from guests, clients, and staff. 

Their sleek, futuristic design is not only compelling but also provides immediate engagement. This makes QR Codes an effective tool for businesses seeking quick and direct feedback from their audience.

360° Feedback for Growth

Excellence 24/7 introduces a confidential 360° Feedback system, where employees receive anonymous insights from colleagues, fostering a comprehensive understanding of strengths and weaknesses. Utilizing an online form with detailed questions, rated on a scale and accompanied by comments, this system provides valuable assessments. Employees also contribute through self-rating surveys, promoting personal and professional development. Beneficial for both managers and non-managers, it enhances role effectiveness and supports potential career progression, particularly in management roles.

Confidential Employee Feedback

Excellence 24/7 employs a 360 Degree Feedback system where employees receive confidential, anonymous input from colleagues, including managers, peers, and direct reports.

Online Form with Comprehensive Questions

The process utilizes an online form with questions covering diverse workplace competencies, rated on a scale and enriched with written comments. This method provides a comprehensive assessment of employees’ performance.

Facilitates Personal and Professional Development

This system, inclusive of self-rating surveys, aids in comprehending individual strengths and weaknesses, fostering both personal and professional development. It is beneficial for employees at all levels, contributing to enhanced role effectiveness and supporting potential career progression, especially in management roles.

Why Excellence 24/7

Elevate with Excellence 24/7's 360° Feedback

Unlock growth potential with Excellence 24/7’s 360 Degree Feedback system.

Confidentiality Assurance:

Our system guarantees confidential, anonymous feedback for a secure and open evaluation process.

Comprehensive Competency Assessment:

Utilize our online form with detailed questions covering diverse workplace competencies, fostering a holistic understanding of employee performance.

Dual Perspective Insight:

Employees benefit from both external feedback and self-rating surveys, promoting a well-rounded understanding of their strengths and areas for improvement.

Versatility Across Roles:

Whether a manager or non-manager, our system supports personal and professional development, enhancing role effectiveness and career progression opportunities.

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