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Would you like to identify ways to gain maximum competitive advantage through your customer service?

The Service Curve Assessment

As companies compete for customers’ attention in a world of ever-increasing choices, customer service has shifted from a “nice to do” activity to a major strategic challenge—and often a matter of corporate survival. This assessment tool allows you to do a quick size up of your company’s current level of customer service in relation to that of other companies, and to begin to identify ways to gain maximum competitive advantage through customer service. Take a couple of minutes to answer a few simple questions which you’ll find at the link below. Give us several days after submitting your responses and we’ll return to you an assessment of your customer service. And included as well will be actionable recommendations of the steps you can take to improve.

Would you like to know where your organization is in the process of creating a valuable and differentiated customer experience?

Customer Experience Implementation Assessment

The Customer Experience Implementation Assessment is based on a four-step methodology used to help organizations develop and implement an improved customer experience.

This assessment will help you understand where your organization is in the process of creating a valuable and differentiated customer experience.

Completing the assessment will provide you with a tool to stimulate a dialogue with your colleagues as you create a common understanding of where your organization is along the journey to delivering a compelling customer experience.

If so, complete a short survey that you’ll find at the link below.

Very shortly after submitting your survey we’ll return to you a document that will help you develop and implement an improved customer experience.

Are you prepared to Stake Your Reputation on Service?

Tame Chaos with Consistency

Base service on what customers want. Clearly understand what your customers expect, identify the make-or-break opportunities to deliver on those expectations, and develop service standards that ensure it happens.

Develop people’s capability to deliver consistently good service. Train all who touch the customer in the processes and behaviors that will consistently meet or exceed customers’ expectations.

Engage leaders as champions. Get buy-in from senior leaders and equip them with the knowledge and tools they need to drive the effort across the entire organization.

If you would like to find out, follow the link below and answer a few questions.

After you do, we’ll review your submission and send you a personalized report that will help you provide a Superior Customer Experience.

Excellence 24/7 Quick Response Code

The QR Code is sleek, futuristic, immediate and compelling.

The QR Code has been a very underutilized tool, let’s correct that. Follow the link below or scan the code to get started. We’re happy to develop a QR Code for your use at no charge. A QR Code that will deliver a program which we call, “Your Opinion Matters.” A program which provides employees 24/7 access to leadership and produces honest feedback, and which will be of great assistance to you in your efforts to strengthen employee engagement.

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