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Shane Busato Communications Director | Tokyo American Club

I am pleased to provide a recommendation for Excellence 24/7, the data collection and analysis service provided by William L. Hurley Limited (WLH).

Tokyo American Club has enjoyed a long relationship WLH during which time they have provided us with a variety of services. My recommendation today relates specifically to the data collection and analysis work that has been done by WLH on behalf of Tokyo American Club.

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

How has Excellence 24/7 impacted our department?
Ours is a radiology department at one of America’s top 10 pediatric hospitals. So, we must be doing a
pretty good job, right? Well, we were, but we could, of course, do better. But it wasn’t until we began a
trial with Excellence 24/7 that we saw just how much better our radiology department could be and
how much more we could do to serve our patients.

Kristen Harman R.T Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

We discussed some of the accomplishments of Children’s Radiology and comparing months in 2017 and
2018, and I wanted to provide you with a little data that shows some progress in satisfaction scores due
to the work we have put in within the department in addition to utilizing the Excellence 24/7 tool.
The radiology department saw a change in Press Ganey scores only four months after implementing the
Excellence 24/7 Patient Outreach Process. And the initial improvements have not only been maintained
but continue to grow

Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula

Sustainable Improvement in Patient Satisfaction
The Excellence 24/7 Patient Outreach Program provides monthly reports to customers that include an
analysis of tactical and strategic responses. Tactical issues are patient specific and typically require one-
on-one interaction with the patient for full resolution. Strategic responses are repetitive and actionable.
Strategic planning is important because it provides direction for the Facility to initiate plans and
influence activities to be proactive rather than reactive.

Staff Feedback

I think it is a great process.
Parents and guardians seem to love this system! It helps that they can just submit a question and we are personally calling them back to answer questions and help to alleviate some anxiety about the exam, prior to arriving here for the exam.
The output we receive is truly great. We found that this opens up a clear line of communication between us and families. I wish it was not all in email format or that it went to some central email. Sometimes they all get mixed up when I am working on more than one at a time…..

Patient Feedback

We are dedicated to continuously improve our services to you and all of our patients. We
would like to hear your thoughts about our e-mail communication outreach, both this post
appointment outreach and as well the e-mails you received prior to your appointment.

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